The Accountant Review

I won’t pretend to have much of an idea on Autism or Asperger syndrome, or the effects it can have on a family. However, The Accountant seems to offer a thoughtful take on the condition, tinged with humour and good nature, wrapped up in an interesting but muddled action thriller.

The entire film hinges on Affleck’s performance and he delivers fully. I can’t relate to a genius mathematician who can take on eight guys and come out on top. But I can relate to a guy who is the product of his upbringing from imperfect parents who did their best and who despite his wanting to can struggle with others. There’s an intensity to him that was downright scary at times but it’s balanced with an awkwardness and politeness that prevents you from seeing him as just a machine.

Those around him may not be as well fleshed out but ultimately they are all there to provide different views on the titular character. The cast is actually one of my favourites for a long time; full of actors who I have a lot of time for.

The Accountant has some great action scenes and also some genuinely funny and emotional moments. The first hour is one of the best hours I’ve seen at the cinema this year in fact. Unfortunately the second hour starts to unravel a bit as things start to become less clear. It didn’t ruin what came before and still makes for a film I really enjoyed; it’s just not quite the film it could have been. If only some aspects of the story and certain character motivations were clearer.

The decision I’ve made is to not pull at the threads too hard. Instead I’m just going to enjoy it, especially Affleck’s performance.

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