Tag Review

adjective [ usually before noun ] 
​based on an interesting and attractive idea that can be explained in a simple way

The term high-concept came up when I was looking into the background behind Tag. The more I looked, the more apparent it became that Tag is a quintessential high-concept movie.

A group of men playing a thirty year old game of tag.

There you go, an interesting and marketable idea for a story, which happens be a true one in this case. The idea is used well for comic effect of course, but also imbued with enough pathos to give the whole thing some emotional strength.

The film playing on Renner’s superhero status is enjoyable, even though he’s not in it all that much really. His presence is felt throughout the story, so I know his lack of screen time is nothing to do with the two broken arms he suffered days into filming. You could play ‘spot the cast’, but a decent job is done hiding them. 

Any confusion I had over the age between the guys was eased by their chemistry. Like most men, they may have gained more responsibility but they haven’t necessarily grown up.

I do appreciate how the story tackles the stupidity of the game not maturing as the men do. Having fun is great, but a game you start when you’re nine should have evolved in a positive way as you mature. 

Essentially it boils down to this – Do want you want an undemanding and entertaining movie? Tag is definitely ‘It’.

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