Super Duper Dad #4

Back in 2017 I thought these might become a more common feature of SDS. But it became apparent to me that I didn’t have much to add to the millions of posts out there about parenting. I wasn’t funny enough for a start!

So, it’s been a while. But I’ve realised something the past couple of days and writing is the best way I can see to let it out. Having read the previous SDD entries just now and found them nice to look back at, perhaps my own reminiscing is an important reason too.

Our little one is three now (!) and it won’t be long until she is at school. She’s the usual mixture of being blindingly adorable a lot of the time, until she really isn’t. We’ve been very fortunate with how she sleeps, which I know will have many cursing us. But last night she was very snotty, and was struggling to settle.

Ultimately it was Mum who settled her fully, soft renditions of the ‘I Love’ heard for the first time in a while. Before then I was with her for a bit. Perched next to her bed, I suddenly remembered the nursing chair in the corner.

It was late and she needed comfort. As we rocked back and forth, her head on my chest, I found myself missing the sleepless nights. The quiet time spent with her. She’s a lot bigger now, but for that time she was my little baby again.

A sharp reminder that our children aren’t babies for long. We’ve shared plenty of interests with her, and it’s amazing to see her respond to them. The more she becomes her own person the more interesting and engaging she is, and I love seeing it all.

But there are times. Moments. You won’t know when the last time you’ll have them is. But sometimes you’ll be reminded. And you’ll miss it.

Make the most of it.

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