Super Duper Dad #3

I was lucky to get a month off when SDLC was born. We had time to get used to things, and two pairs of hands around the house was useful. Such a long time away meant going back to work was weird. But I quickly settled into going out for the day and doing my job, then coming home to try and Dad in the evening.

But there something I couldn’t get my head around. How could so little change between when I’d leave and when I’d return? How could so little have happened? Well, now I understand.

Recently I had Lexi for about the same time as a normal work day whilst Laura went out for a wedding reception. No problem at all. In fact I was looking forward to some time as Dad and Daughter. It flew by. Between playing peekaboo, blowing raspberries, feeds, nappy changes and getting my own dinner (something I know Laura doesn’t always do), it made me appreciate what happens each day.

Lexi is the priority, and that means other things will just have to wait.

I get to go out and be an adult whilst Laura has to be cleaner/entertainer/feeder and everything else. Anyone who doesn’t consider what their partner does at home whilst they’re at work is seriously underestimating the amount of time and energy that goes into looking after the little one. I know I couldn’t do that every day. Lexi and I are both very lucky to have Laura.

All of a sudden coming home from work and doing the washing up doesn’t seem so bad.    

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