Suicide Squad Review

I love watching films. That might sound like an obvious statement but if you’ve spent a few minutes on any part of the internet relating to cinema recently it would seem like a lot of people don’t. They seem far more concerned with how ‘fresh’ a film is or if it’s made its money back.

Ugh. It really gets me down. I’ve had enough of reading and hearing about it! So here are some questions and answers.

Is Suicide Squad any good?

It’s alright.

Is it perfect?

Nothing is.

What are the cast like?

Smith and Robbie get the most time to shine but I think everyone was well cast. Even Jai Courtney, who it seems is actually rather funny and entertaining when he can use his own accent!

Even Leto?

Joker doesn’t get the time you might think he should but this isn’t his film. He’s an interestingly different take though and one I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. My mind is open.

What was good?

The cast, their chemistry, the action and seeing a very different part of the DCEU take shape. Once you’ve introduced Killer Croc and Doomsday as villains there really isn’t any limit. Viola Davis’s Waller is a nasty piece of work and nails it. And I’ll never turn down a Batman cameo.

What let it down?

Plenty! The strength of this film is the characters, not the story they’re in; Their camaraderie and chemistry is what holds the film together. Perhaps not surprising given the directors later comments, but the structure is all over the place. There is an awful lot of gloss, which looks great in a trailer, but little substance. This is especially true when it comes to the villains. Rather than tie into the main DCEU story of Mother Boxes, it tiptoes around and generally makes a hash of it. Which leaves the villain suffering from my main complaint about so many bad guys in comic book films – they’re there purely to serve as an antagonist. Beyond that there’s no reason to be interested in them.

Simply put, if you want to see Suicide Squad, give it a try! You’ll have a good time. If it doesn’t interest you…don’t! Make your own mind up. Suicide Squad isn’t a great film by any means, but it’s entertaining, and sometimes that’s enough.

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