Super Duper Game – Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage in a nutshell…

You take the apple/pipe/life, I’ll take the next one.

Why did you take the apple/pipe/life! That was my one!

*Hits other player with pipe*

Come on, let me hit you back to even it out.

Before you know it you’re both screwed. Don’t even mention accidentally throwing the knife at your partner, putting them in a choke hold, or the worst thing of all…forgetting which button is used for the special attack, only to use it when there are no enemies on screen.

Come to think of it, why are the police helping you when you’re clearly not in uniform and are taking things into your own hands? Perhaps that’s why they’re firing rockets and grenades into sometimes populated areas from a distance? Who knows!

It’s got a cracking soundtrack and a moody aesthetic. Well, it does when there aren’t two wrestlers or fire breathing clowns on screen.

I only completed it recently. I was already late for Sunday dinner but my mate and I kept saying “just a few minutes more”. That’s a good game summed up surely?

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