Storks Review

Criminally underrated and rarely mentioned, I need to tell you about Storks. No one ever talks about this film!!! And it is a travesty. Initially focusing on what happened to Storks after they moved on from delivering babies, it has some fantastic vocal performances, including my spirit animal Andy Samberg, whilst also featuring the creation that is Pigeon Toady.

Trying to explain him doesn’t really work. He’s an ignoramus pigeon in a Trump wig who says ‘Brah’ a lot whilst barely making sense. But he’s amazingly funny and nonsensical. My wife and I still quote him to each other and crack up about it four years later.

Storks was a rather unique cinema experience, in that we could barely contain our hysteria as we watched the film. We have honestly never laughed so strongly in the cinema before or since. At one point I had to cover my own mouth; relatives and friends who have seen me lose it before can imagine how much I was struggling to contain myself.

There’s a lot to like apart from the Pigeon, and a lot of it boils down to Andy Samberg. From his music with The Lonely Island through to the wonderful Brooklyn Nine Nine, with a cheeky stop off at The Bash Brothers, I adore his work. His style of humour and line delivery sits perfectly with me. So to see his mannerisms, and even his “cool cool cool” used, cool cool.

Storks moves at a great pace, with no single character outstaying their welcome. On the surface it seems to be about babies and storks, but it’s actually more about parenthood, with a wonderful grasp of the subject. Middle of the night arguments around who should go to bed, and silent movement around an unexploded baby have only gained deeper appreciation as my wife and I share knowing looks.

The latest viewing included an extra critic this time, our daughter! She spent the 87 minute runtime focused, calling out the “naughty wolves” and “silly pigeon”. I can’t tell you how proud I am that she pretty much immediately did an impression of Pigeon Toady and told me we would be allowed to watch it again. #raisingherright

Storks is so much fun! I don’t often literally ‘LOL’ in a cinema, let alone on repeated viewings. You should definitely sign for this delivery.

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