Stoker Review

A chilling and very interesting English language debut from South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook, Stoker was written by Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame.

How this script remained unmade for several years is beyond me, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, having only seen Miller in Resident Evil butchering the character of Chris Redfield. It seems he may be a far stronger story teller than actor.

But I digress. The film sets an odd tone early on, and constantly keeps you just off kilter. This feeling continues throughout, with the camera angles and way each scene is framed never letting you settle down. It feels as though there is something just waiting to bust out, perfectly complementing the main trio.

Each gives an understated performance, but Goode’s Uncle Charlie is downright scary. His stare and presence are really quite unsettling! He might look really cool with his Jaguar and sunglasses, but he just isn’t….right.

As I started this review I had a pretty good idea of how I’d judge this one. But as I started typing I realised that it is actually a great film. Even the credits (opening and closing), are interesting.

Yes, it is a slow burner but you need to get past that. That is where the film is so strong. I had a good idea where it was going but I was still pleasantly surprised.

As my last 2013 release, it’s well worth a watch.

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