Star Wars Rebels – S2E21/22 – Twilight of the Apprentice

Not only is this two weeks late (life gets in the way sometimes), but I can’t say much about it! Sorry guys but Twilight of the Apprentice is a season finale that you just need to watch. There is so much meat to this, so many things to talk about, that if you haven’t seen it already (seriously?) then you should go and see it now.

Did you see that?!?! What about when that happened??!? Etc etc. It’s pretty crazy.

Despite giving us so much, this double-length episode still manages to leave things open enough to let us know that Season 3 could be completely mental.

There is a tonne of lightsaber action here. But like all the best duels, it has emotion by the bucket load. You can have all the fancy flips and cool hilts that you want (there is plenty of both), but if there’s no heart or risk involved it doesn’t mean anything; it’s just empty. I can’t say why the fights here have heart but they sure are heart breaking.

This isn’t really a review. If you’ve been following Rebels then this is such a big deal. If you haven’t been but are a Star Wars fan watch it. I don’t care if you even just watch this episode and then move onto Season 3. Well I would a little as it won’t mean as much. Just watch it for goodness sake.

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