Star Wars Rebels – S3E9 – The Wynkathu Job

If you’re not caught up yet, here’s my review of the previous episode – Iron Squadron.

I’ve spoken about the term ‘filler’ before, and how I’ve come to realise it’s a term I no longer want to use. Episodes tend to either include big plot advancements or pleasing moments of character growth. We usually learn something, even if it isn’t what we’d like. So I look into the story and try to see what it’s aiming for. Do I see growth? Do I see progression?

The Wynkathu Job proves frustrating as it’s a rather funny episode that barely provides any of the above.

That humour is mainly down to Hondo. I may not have seen him in his Clone Wars heyday but it’s amusing to see him be charming and positive (in both cases he’s not as good as he thinks he is). His relationship with Ezra is where I expected to see the growth but the story only hints at it. I would have liked more.

Backing up Hondo is Azmorigan, a now recurring but sort of useless character. This is the first time I’ve seen him since I’ve realised who voices him. He’s Pan in Big Trouble in Little China and Po’s Dad in Kung Fu Panda! I knew I knew him from somewhere. Anyway, he’s useless but his relationship with Hondo is another source of humour as they bicker and try to one up each other.

There are a few sight gags too so keep your eyes peeled.

Apart from that…there isn’t much. Despite a ticking clock I didn’t feel any tension.

Why are Zeb and Ezra still giving each other crap all the time? Rather than it feeling like friends who rib one another it just feels as though they’re always questioning what the other is doing. I know they must trust each other but I don’t always get that feeling. Bickering is one thing but almost undermining the other’s authority is something else.

The Wynkathu Job isn’t a complete waste. There are some things that I’m sure will come into play later and it is funny. There just aren’t enough positives to make me think it’s a particularly great episode.

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