Star Wars Rebels – S3E6 – The Last Battle

If you’re not caught up yet, here’s my review of last week’s episode – Hera’s Heroes.

After the personal lesson I learnt last week with regards to distinguishing between ‘filler’ and what I just didn’t personally find that interesting, I went into this week’s episode with renewed interest and a much more open mind.

Perhaps it was karma. Perhaps it was balance in the force. Perhaps it was sheer coincidence. But this week I was given a fantastic episode that really had nothing to do with the current Original Trilogy time period. Its main achievement was to tie up a story arc from several decades ago. Filler? I don’t think so.

I’ve always wondered how much not seeing The Clone Wars beyond Season 1 (I know I know I’m a heathen and need stringing up) would damage my view of Rebels. As both are creations of Dave Filoni we should expect there to be crossover, especially when we have great characters such as Rex involved. I think I got the main references but really it’s very well judged. Perhaps it would have meant more has I know more about Rex’s history but overall if you’ve seen the Prequel Trilogy and have a basic knowledge of the Clone Wars then you’ll be fine.

I can only stay so clear of spoilers when everything good about this episode is based so much on dialogue and visual awesomeness. I’ve always had a soft spot for Battle Droids. “Roger Roger” may not be the most fearsome thing to hear but it’s one of the many pieces of incidental dialogue that gives these clankers such character. In a world where mere protocol droids have neurotic personalities it doesn’t seem so odd that droids, especially those left to their own devices for so long, would have gained something themselves.

There are some great visuals but I’ll let you see them for yourselves. One short shot in particular might just be the coolest I’ve ever seen in Rebels. Which leads me to my one issue with ‘The Last Battle’. I wanted more of it.

This story could have been told over a couple of episodes easily. It deserved to be. It’s not important for our band of heroes overall, though Ezra getting a stern talking too feels warranted. But the message of the story is important to Star Wars and some of the biggest elements in it. Ezra might deserve a word but his role as the youngster who wasn’t there is vital. Possibly a bit on the nose but vital.

Also…the Empire isn’t dumb here! They actually use their noggins this week. I mean, I don’t want them to win or anything but it’s good to see them not being inept and just letting the heroes off the hook.

If you hadn’t guessed already, I loved this episode.

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