Star Wars Rebels – S3E3 – The Holocrons of Fate

If you’re not caught up yet, here’s my review of last week’s episode – Steps into Shadow.

Like a shiny hologram message on the dashboard of your ships controls, I need to give you a heads up. There are some slight spoilers here. I’ve avoided so much trying to write this but I wouldn’t have two words to rub together if I tried to avoid everything!

Check out the image above and you’ll know that we’ve only got two episodes into Rebels S3 before seeing a big character again. Within the time frame of the show it’s been a while since a lot of the characters have had contact; I guess I just thought that Maul would come along later.

Speaking of Maul, am I the only who struggles to connect Phantom Menace Maul with animated Maul? Is it his skinnier appearance (shared with his Clone Wars design)? Is it that he’s much more talkative or shows knowledge far beyond what we saw of him in the film? Or is it just that part of me thinks he shouldn’t be alive? I don’t know guys, is ‘fueled by hate’ strong enough to get over losing everything from the belly button down? That must be a lot of hate.

Moving away from the Sith and into a much greyer area I think I actually love Tom Baker as Bendu. There’s a strength and wisdom to him, alongside a nice little hint of humour. He’s above it all, though I still get the feeling he might come to care for Ezra and Kanan. Brilliant casting. He doesn’t overpower the role and already I can’t imagine anyone else doing it.

The titular Holocrons lead to some major spoilers for the show what I can’t go into. I promise you though, you’ll be shouting at the screen when it happens. There’s also one of the single most heartwarming and touching moments I’ve seen in any episode of Rebels. it doesn’t last long but if there is a spot on me called ‘feels’, this moment – the dialogue and acting – hit me square in it.

If you’re into star ships (who isn’t), you’ll notice some very cool things this week. As someone who knows his R-22 Spearheads from his RZ-1 A-Wings it’s very interesting to see different takes on ships that we’re used to.

The more I think about this episode the more I like it. It does feel a little rushed in places but it concentrates on the important parts of the story it’s telling.

Also…two episodes in and no filler yet!

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