Star Wars Rebels – S4E9 – Rebel Assault

It’s been over a week since I watched Rebel Assault. I’ve played an entire Call of Duty, watched Justice League, and started Battlefront II in that time. So I feel like I’ve had some distance from it.

With that distance in place, my overall view of the episode is “it’s alright”. The first five minutes or so are stupendous, harking back to the original trilogy and making me all goosepimpley (that’s a word right?). It feels 100% Star Wars and I immediately badgered my brother to watch it as I needed to share the awesome with him. But after that? It all became a bit obvious to be honest. We know where certain people have to end up, and we know there’s no real danger. Disney have really shot themselves in the foot with the timing of their Forces of Destiny shorts and the knowledge that they are canon.

If I were to judge as a normal episode of Rebels I’d say it’s in the top half. But it isn’t, it’s a mid-season finale, and in that case it’s quite lacking. Of course I’m going to watch it when it starts back up again in 2018, but that’s due to my investment in the show up to the point, and not because of a cliffhanger that doesn’t really promise anything. Bit of a shame, but I’m hoping things get heavier when the show returns.

Until then guys, we’ve got something else to be getting on with. Enjoy The Last Jedi!

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