Star Wars Rebels – S4E8 – Crawler Commanders

Kindred was a special one for me. That’s some going considering the episode it followed. 

Crawler Commanders isn’t on that level, but I don’t think it was ever trying to be. You can’t have everything hitting the high points; sometimes you need something a bit more…mundane? That sounds a bit rough, but it’s not a bad thing. Rebels can do these episodes well, and on the whole it manages it here.

Just as I’m writing this it struck me; this feels like an episode from an earlier series in it’s structure and how a lot of it plays out. It trots out several tropes which are both amusing and obvious. There’s some humour and action, but apart from a couple of scenes that further the ‘Lothal’ arc we’re on, it doesn’t go far into anything. Sometimes I have to remember that Rebels is also for kids, so the odd episode that caters to them too isn’t a bad thing.

One other thought occurred to me – I’d like to see more of the wider Rebellion having success. A lot seems down to this team. I know the point of the show is to follow this crew, but I get little impression that others are doing much lately.

Crawler Commanders is a nice episode. It has a decent cameo, shows off some lesser shown species (even if that leads to a less than elegant fight that didn’t do much to me), and gives us another look at Rebel command. There’s even a nice EU reference. Perhaps more important than the beats of this episode is where it leaves us. I think next week’s episode could be another special one. 

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