Star Wars Rebels – S4E7 – Kindred

“How have you people stayed alive so long?”

“When it gets strange like this it’s a good thing.”

“All the paths are coming together aren’t they?”

Kindred is a very different episode to anything we’ve had in Season 4 so far. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s the best yet. I’ve not forgotten the orgasm I had over the previous episode; it’s still a great one for me personally, but Kindred gives us so much in so many ways that it’s impossible to deny both it’s quality and it’s importance. Those quotes up top sum up Rebels for me, and they’re all in this episode.

There’s so much content in this episode; I found myself checking if I was near the end a couple of times as I was sure 20 minutes was nearly up. Nope, this was a supremely well-crafted tale with a great mix of character development, introductions, action, and meaning. There’s enough emotion to fill a Sandcrawler too. It’s not all explicitly stated, but if you’ve been following the show since the start you’ll know the characters well enough to realise the significance of some of the scenes.

In my last review I caved and went all in on spoiler due to my excitement. I can’t do that here. Kindred is a very special episode of Rebels that you should see for yourself.

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