Star Wars Rebels – S4E10 – Jedi Night

Note – I’d love to steer clear of it, but this review is going to contain pretty hefty spoilers. This late in the game it’s nigh-on impossible to talk about the episode without spoiling something. I’d rather give you some fully fledged thoughts rather than feel like all four limbs are tied behind my back!

Back when Rebels started we didn’t even have The Force Awakens. Crazy to think now. Things have changed a fair bit since then. Episodes 7 and 8 have divided opinion, with one accused of being too slavish whilst the other ‘wasn’t Star Wars’. We had our first Star Wars Story, and have umpteen books and comics to dig into it.

There aren’t many episodes of Star Wars Rebels left now, and Disney aren’t mucking around; they’re releasing three pairs of episodes…and that’s it. It might be the most ‘Star Warsy’ thing going on at the moment in some ways, but Disney clearly want to wrap it up, with so much of Season 4 being released two episodes at a time. I like to think they’re clearing the path for an unannounced new show, but it does concern me that after nearly four years they’re rushing Rebels out of the door.

For those who don’t want things spoiled I’ll say this, I don’t think Jedi Night was perfect. In fact some parts downright annoyed me. But that doesn’t detract from they’re emotional impact.

Here come the spoilers. Watch yourself.

I’ve started watching Rebe;s with my my six month old daughter. Now I now she was looking at colours (she likes lightsabers!), and didn’t understand, but even she was quiet at the end of Jedi Night. Kanan’s…sorry, Caleb’s death was heavily foreshadowed and expected, but still felt like a punch in the guy. Through A New Dawn and Rebels I’ve grown to really like the character. Ultimately I knew he had to go, and he did so in a heroic manner. To see his eyes clear at the end…damn. That he and Hera only got a small amount of time to be truly honest annoyed me, especially as it felt as though Hera only admitted things because she was drugged. I wanted more, but I understand why I didn’t get it. Damn you Filoni!

Putting our loss aside for a second, Jedi Night has a pretty awesome Rogue One tie-in! Thrawn and Tarkin discussing how Krennic’s ‘Stardust’ project is vying for the same resources as the TIE Defenders not only brings the films into Rebels but also shows one of the biggest differences between the Imperials and Rebels; one fights among themselves whilst the other bands together. That they mention how ‘Stardust’ is “nothing more than expenses and excuses” tickles me too.

Overall Jedi Night was a decent episode. Its impact on the characters makes it an important one, especially with the team losing Caleb to something that, in the grand scheme of things, was pretty innocuous. After everything, a lone AT-AT and some fuel did the trick. The imagery of the gliders over Lothal was beautiful, as was the music. But then I think of Shadow Troopers getting taken out like stock Stormtroopers and I get a little annoyed. A mixed one, but in time it will only be remembered for the feels.

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