Star Wars Rebels – S1E5 -Rise of the Old Masters

Wow. By far the best episode we’ve seen in this fledgling series, Rise of the Old Masters warmed the heart of this Star Wars geek.

Not only does someone finally use one of the adjustment switches on their lightsaber….but this episode mentions lightsaber forms!!!! I can’t tell you how excited that made me. That’s not all though. I’m straining not to spoil the rest for you, but if you know your stuff you’re going to freak out.

Surrounded by everything from famous quotes to lighting that reminded of Empire Strikes Back, things take a big step forward here which will please those who felt the last episode (read my review here) was treading water.

I’ve been thinking about something since the start of this series, and it’s finally clicked. I don’t like Chopper. To be blunt he’s a douchebag and though I’ve no doubt he’s useful to the team and will have his moments to shine at the moment I’d be OK with him being deactivated. All he does is wind people up, and that includes me.

Whilst we’re talking about characters who haven’t added much yet, we really need to see more of Hera. At the moment she feels wasted, piloting the ship or looking over things disapprovingly. I like her and I want more!

Rise of the Old Masters not only references the original trilogy but warm heartedly questions one it’s most well known phrases, further proving that it’s writers have a great handle on not only the world Lucas created, but also on their new set of characters. Full of not known well handled but meaningful action, it ends with a simple but powerful image and I’m left hopeful for what we’ll see in the future.

The force is indeed strong with this episode.

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