Star Wars Rebels – S1E14 – Rebel Response

I finally know how many episodes we have left. One.
With everything we have going on in Rebels it’s going to have to be a very busy one to tie it all up. I’m dreading a cliffhanger. Don’t do it Disney!
My biggest takeaway from this week’s serving of Star Wars is that we finally get to see the Inquisitor inquire. Though all of the Imperial agents wither under Tarkin’s glare the Sith-lite is currently the most useful to him, and probably the only one anywhere near confident enough in their position to match him in conversation. Their questioning of Kanan takes a couple of interesting turns, both narratively and visually.
The increase in the stakes continues this week, and it leads to the crew of the Ghost making tough decisions. With his master’s whereabouts unknown what will Ezra do? Fortunately Kanan has taught him well, even if they have both doubted themselves greatly at times this season.
Once again the episode is full of references to the original films, with several scenes and lines of dialogue directly influenced by the future stories. There are some cool designs too. I’ve not become bored of exclaiming ‘that’s just like so and so!’ in this series, and long may it continue.
The seriousness is met with a measure of humour. Just enough to bring some levity to proceedings. From my experience kids can generally take on-board more mature ideas and complicated stories than we give them credit for, so it’s pleasing to see the script balancing the more adult aspects against the need to sell toys and do cool stuff.
Speaking of selling toys, the designers seem to be making good use of ships from the original trilogy and the Clone Wars. The designs they add in further bridge the gap and will no doubt make for some good models. It’s always good to see more interesting ideas though.
Tarkin has stated that he knows how to win a war. Will we see how far he is prepared to in the final episode? On one hand I hope he doesn’t as I’ve come to care for Lothal and the Rebels; but it would be great if the writers had the courage to go with it.
I don’t want this series to end. At least season 2 is already confirmed.

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