Star Wars Rebels – S3E16 – Legacy of Mandalore

Star Wars Rebels - Legacy of Mandalore

If you’re not caught up yet, here’s my review of the previous episode – Trials of the Darksaber.

Do you like watching Mandalorians do all the cool things that Mandalorians are known for? Do you appreciate a good Sabine story? You do? Good, because after waiting nearly a month for another episode of Star Wars Rebels it’s worth it!

Back in January we had Sabine’s strongest episode yet as she came into possession of the Darksaber, trained with her Jedi friends, and finally came to terms with what she needed to do, both for herself and for the Rebels. Legacy of Mandalore continues this story to a logical but somewhat sad conclusion. Before that however it’s another great episode as it shows how strongly Sabine has come forward as a character. She further proves that she’s far from being just an artist with some bombs as she fights even her own family when it comes to what’s right. If Season 3 was anyone’s series so far, it’s Sabine and Tiya Sircars’s.

There’s a great emotional core to the episode but it’s also got plenty of action; action that consists purely of Jedi and Mandalorians. So I think you know what that means. Lightsabers + jetpacks + blasters = awesome. Simple maths.

Who needs starfighters when you can just fly up to meet an oncoming ship yourself? I get excited every time I see the white clad warriors. Whisper it…but they actually leave me thinking that Boba Fett isn’t as cool as I used to think he was.

Legacy of Mandalore cements my thoughts on Sabine being a great character. Now that the show has taken the time to really concentrate on her she has shone and I’ve loved it. For me, Rebels has generally been about Kanan and Ezra’s adventures so I know a character has made a mark when I’m happy to watch their story progress instead.

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