Star Wars Rebels – S3E8 – Iron Squadron

If you’re not caught up yet, here’s my review of the previous episode – Imperial Supercommandos.

Having got through another two week wait for a new episode knowing of something I really wanted to see, I watched Iron Squadron in a rather excited manner. I need to let you on in something though.

It’s not a great episode. In fact I wouldn’t even go as far as saying it’s a good one.

If you’re a fan of vehicles and vessels this episode is a HUGE deal as we get a ship once lost to ‘Legends’ status reinstated as Disney canon. There are also some great space battles with ships that have previously been a bit useless actually pulling their weight. Rounding out the positives is the shot I’ve used as the featured image and the impact it has on the characters.

I won’t go as far as saying this episode is meaningless. Ultimately this is a children’s TV show on a Disney channel so for it to base a story around a set of younger characters is reasonable. I’m guessing I’m a similar age to Kanan and tend to see things more his way so I’ll just have to let this one go. There just isn’t really anything here story wise. If anything it’s a useful tool in showing how far Ezra has come since his days on Lothal. You could just imagine him acting the same way but he’s been generally not that naive anymore.

So a mirror is held up to Ezra and there’s a nice amount of pew pew. Other than that Iron Squadron doesn’t add anything. It wasn’t worth the two week wait for me personally but I can see it being a nice bit of wish fulfilment for younger Rebels.

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