Star Wars Rebels – S3E7 – Imperial Supercommandos

If you’re not caught up yet, here’s my review of the previous episode – The Last Battle.

Despite the rather bombastic sounding title and plenty of Mandalorian action, Imperial Supercommandos has a lot more going for it than great visuals.

For a start the voice cast is great this week. I knew I recognised two of the voices so I headed to Wikipedia. It’s only Soap (Call of Duty) and Punisher (War Zone)! Both McKidd and Stevenson lend an air of authority to their characters, bolstering their confident Mandalorian natures.

One thing I’m noticing more and more is how we don’t get to see the entire Ghost team together now. They’re a more prominent part of the Rebellion now and in positions of more responsibility. I get that, especially with Hera a leader and Kanan probably still getting used to his situation, but it’s a shame. I’m assuming we must be in for a Zeb episode soon as he’s barely there at the moment. Last week I felt the story could have been told over more than one episode. This one is a good length but I am hoping for some multi-episode stories soon.

There are good moments of character development through the episode but the two more important aspects to it for me. Firstly for those of us who haven’t watched all of The Clone Wars there is a lot to be gleaned about Mandalore. Secondly there are several hints to bigger story lines and what could be in store for Sabine. One badass Boba-like character is cool. How about more?

It’s not a tricky story to figure out, hitting all the beats you’ll expect it too. But obviousness isn’t always a bad thing when it’s handled well.

No need to go on and on about this week’s episode. Imperial Supercommandos is a very cool story that not only gives us fantastic action but also manages to fit in a pleasing amount of story.

A heads up for you though. We’ve got another two week wait for the next episode. Sad times.

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