Star Wars Rebels – S3E5 – Hera’s Heroes

If you’re not caught up yet, here’s my review of last week’s episode – The Antilles Extraction.

I’m really not sure about this week’s episode. My first impression was that it did little to push the story forward. So my gut was to call it filler. I hate filler. But I’ve slept since and had a chance to consider the contents of Hera’s Heroes. I’ve been on my own little journey and I think Hera and I have both learned some lessons.

There is a lot that annoys me about this episode but I need to take into account that there are lots of smaller moments that add up to give us a good look at certain characters, both Rebel and Imperial. Firstly though, what I didn’t like.

My biggest disappointment with the story is how it relies on bouts of disappearing skill and plot contrivance to move the story forwards.

We’ve already seen that Ezra has come on leaps and bounds. He’s clearly strong in the force. So how is he such a mug whilst on this mission? He doesn’t sense anything and comes across as generally a bit useless. It’s good to see him with Hera as I think she’s generally a very good influence on him but I’m still annoyed at how he seemingly couldn’t do what we know he can. At least the braveness/stupidity of an Imperial allowed him to gain something from it all. You’ll know when you see it but it was great to see some gumption from the usually rather useless faceless Imperial army.

Hera comes across as much more relatable here. She’s known for making more pragmatic decisions in her position as leader but in this situation we see her make decisions with her heart. That may not be the wisest choice but it’s good to see another side to her. She get’s a pretty entertaining line late on too so I’ve got no complaints.

If you’ve read my reviews before you’ll have figured I much prefer stories that push on the main arcs for each character. But I’ve realised something this week. Even with the ‘less important’ episodes there are things to be taken away. Maybe this wasn’t a high point for me but it had enough smaller moments and dialogue to make it worthwhile. I just wish there was a bit more consistency with people’s abilities and it was less obvious when someone was wearing plot armour.

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