Star Wars Rebels – S1E15 – Fire Across the Galaxy

Fire Across the Galaxy is an amazing episode of Star Wars Rebels. It’s also a massive pain in the backside, as it’s the last one and I want to see more.
The most impressive aspect of this episode is how much was crammed into it. The series could have easily ended on one big moment, but here we have several! One in particular was very surprising and sets into motion events for season 2; events that will not be good for our rebels.
Speaking of the rebels, the episode completely sidelines Zeb (I don’t think he did anything), whilst making Sabine almost Jedi like in her abilities. We do see her use at least 3 different explosives and make the most of the artistic tendencies, which goes some way to making up for the lack of attention on her this season. Otherwise Ezra and Kanan obviously get a lot of time, but that doesn’t stop Hera and Chopper doing their bit.

It feels like we’ve had more than just 5 hours with these guys with the way they’ve grown on me; the most important thing about season 2 will be finding out more about them all. It’s easy to make cool scenes and to get carried away with that, but if you care about the consequences it’s so much better. I want to know back story, not just the future.

Important question. Do you like lightsaber duels? Well you are in luck! Every time the Inquisitor has popped up we’ve seen some good blade action, but here it’s a real treat. The best fights always carry meaning and a story of their own, which makes this possibly the best one I’ve seen since Return of the Jedi.
I’d love to share more with you (perhaps we can in the comments) but Fire Across the Galaxy does so much with its 20 minutes that I’d be struggling not to spoil things. You’ll just have to trust me that it’s awesome and a fitting ending.

The first series of Rebels has been a success, capturing the spirit of the originals whilst introducing a new group of characters. My only two gripes are the lack of attention on some characters and the occasionally patchy animation (I’m getting used to the style now) are ultimately minor points that I think will be sorted in time. Though I can’t imagine things going particularly well for the heroes, Rebels has a small moon size amount of potential. So many questions and directions. More than enough to keep us busy until Episode VII is released.

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