Star Wars Rebels – S1E13 – Call to Action

Woah. I’m not sure there is a more appropriate word when comparing ‘Call to Action’ to the previous episode ‘Vision of Hope’. They really are the antithesis of each other.
Last week I complained about the show pandering to it’s younger audience and being very obvious in its story telling.  I have no such complaints this week. In fact one scene was downright scary. Not sure how the younglings would deal with it.
With C-3P0, R2, Lando, Yoda and Vader already making appearances we now have another guest (possibly more permanent?) in the shape of the Grand Moff himself, Tarkin! His voice might not be quite as Cushing-esque as I’d hoped, but the character is written well and brings new-found menace to proceedings. The Imperials on Lothal have struggled to deal with the rebels so far and Tarkin has arrived to get them into shape. They must double their efforts or face the consequences.
It was especially pleasing to see that no one is spared from Tarkin’s sharp tongue, and that even with the an Inquisitor next to him and the the clear reports of a Jedi and his Padawan, Tarkin waves it away as a hokum. Much like in A New Hope.
This is a massive upscale of the threat posed by the Empire now; I just hope that successive episodes of Rebel victory avoided and Tarkin isn’t made to look like he too is lacking. I get the feeling thing are going to get a lot worse before it gets better though.
But as the evil grows so does the heroism, and Kanan really steps up to the plate here. I fear for him, but that just goes to show the bond I’ve formed with the show so far.
‘Call to Action’ matches the best Rebels has to offer in terms of pacing, writing, and action. With echoes of A New Hope and Return of the Jedi it covers all the bases for those hoping the series continues its strong showing at integrating with the Original Trilogy.
If the rest of this season has the balls to run with the threat posed by Tarkin we could be in for better yet. I hope they have the courage and don’t take the more seductive and easy path.
Now I have a question for you. What do you think of Ezra’s blaster/lightsabre hybrid? Personally I think it’s pretty cool and very fitting for the character. I wasn’t a fan of his slingshot, and the episodes themselves have shown how he is lacking with the blade at times. Makes a lot of sense.

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