Star Wars Rebels – S2E6 – Brothers of the Broken Horn

Last week’s episode was pretty heavy, full of lightsabers and force use. It ended on quite the downer too.

Brothers of the Broken Horn is a pretty great response; entertaining, funny, and shows the improvement Ezra is making in his skills.

Once again Rebels uses a character from The Clone Wars, but Honda is introduced well enough that no previous knowledge is required. Star Wars loves a good scoundrel and he fits the bill nicely.

The Ezra/Rex/Kanan tension builds in a different way this time, with the two adults seemingly not understanding the pressure they’re putting the youngster under. He’s not a Jedi or a soldier yet, and is buckling under the assumption that he’ll be either. The end result is the same – Ezra running off – but this story avoids it coming off as repetitive.

The first half was a bit slow, but it was well worth sticking with it. Ezra is becoming a very handy kid, using a mixture of both his training and pre-Ghost life to good effect. If it were just non-force using enemies he came up against each week he’d clean up!

Special mention must be made of Chopper this week too. I can’t say why, but he does something I don’t think I’ve seen a droid do before and it was very cool.

I still want to see more of Sabine and Hera, though at least I’ve had ‘A New Dawn’ to give me more on the Ghost’s mother figure. Bar a colour change there’s been very little for Sabine yet. The trailer for Season 2 promises some focus on her, I just hope they give her enough time to grow. For everything Rebels is doing right, it’s seriously underplaying one gender.

Overall though this is another good episode in what is a shaping up to be a great season.

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