Star Wars Rebels – S2E8 – Blood Sisters

Last week my prayers were answered when Hera (and the B-Wing!), were given plenty of attention. It may not have been full of details but it was great to see more of her. Imagine my excitement when I realise that this week’s episode covers my other big problem with Rebels…Sabine.

Unfortunately ‘Blood Sisters’ most memorable moments don’t involve Sabine, leaving her not much better off than before.

On the positive side, the episode does have several cool scenes, from a Stormtrooper almost being useful, to Chopper being entertainingly annoying. We get to see some other classic droids too (I’ll give you a clue. Gonk). I particularly like the purposely nondescript design of the Imperial Officers too; they’re matching faces adding to the Empire’s feeling of conformity.

It’s let down by a story that doesn’t really go anywhere though. Sabine is no different for the experience, so despite there being some decent info to be found in the dialogue for those who know their 90’s Star Wars books and games, nothing is really added.

I’m not sure what the point of Ezra being in this episode was either. His awkwardness around Sabine is cute, showing that he’s just as much a kid with a crush as he is a Jedi-in-training, but surely that time could have been spent developing Sabine’s story more. I’m invested in these characters and I want to know what makes them tick. Broad strokes can be OK if given in an interesting context but this wasn’t enough.

There are good things to see here, with a cool fight sequence and some interesting details. But after the last few weeks of Rebels hitting good form, Blood Sisters seems a bit of a let-down. Here’s to more attention on Sabine in the future.

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