Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I definitely needed a second viewing of Spider-Verse. My original cinema viewing left me technically amazed but emotionally hollow. Thinking back this was absolutely a result of the level of hype surrounding it. But now it’s on Netflix. so I figured it was worth another go. I’m glad I did.

This is a stunning film, a kaleidoscopic treat for the eyes and ears that is full of character, action, and humour. Essentially a moving comic book, it even includes the dimple effect from old comics! It even has the dimple effect from old printed comics! The visual and sound design makes it one of the most interesting and vibrant movies I’ve ever seen.

I’m only generally aware of Miles Morales and his story, but this was a strong introduction. There’s enough there to make him recognisable as a Spider-Man, whilst giving him some cool new abilities. The ups and downs of his personal life make for some interesting juxtaposition. He’s a popular kid, but his parent’s efforts to move him to a higher end school suddenly make him a small fish in a big pond.

But he isn’t the only Spider in this film, with other wall-crawlers adding most of the humour. I particularly liked Jake Johnson’s older Peter B. Parker. After decades on the job nothing much surprises him, and he takes on the reluctant teacher role well. Each Spider is dealing with responsibility in their ownay, and have important lessons to impart.

There is a tear-jerking Stan Lee cameo, and there is an end credits scene that it’s worth staying for. So prepare yourself, and stick around.

I nearly forgot to mention the music, which I really need to listen to again. It isn’t what I’d usually consider to be my type of music but I rarely find myself looking for soundtracks after I’ve left the cinema, and suits the film perfectly.

I’ve recently re-watched The Lego Batman Movie, and I’m reminded of the clear affection, and knowledge of things relating to the character. Animation can take us places live action can’t, and I love that we’re getting these different takes.

Hype may have affected my first viewing, but I’m on the same page as the majority now – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a cracking film, full of admiration for the characters whilst showing them off in an impressive and distinctive way.

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