Sonic the Hedgehog Review

You’re welcome.

No really, you are all welcome. It wasn’t just for me; I wanted everyone to enjoy a Sonic movie that wasn’t the source of pure nightmare fuel.

In April 2019 I posted the following, and for a day or two had a flurry of Twitter activity. My thoughts even found their way onto the BBC site!

Credit to @virtanderson for the original images

He looked so bad! I still wonder if it was on purpose to garner a reaction, but it sure got one. My tweet, which I still curse myself for not crediting correctly, got a big response. Did social media prompt the change? Feels like it.

Regardless of the possible sinister plans of production companies, we ended up with a very faithful looking main character. I can’t imagine watching a Sonic the Hedgehog film that contained so many teeth, and we’ll never have to.

A film is as good as it’s villain…

This is a fun family film with just enough charm to carry it along. Marsden gives it a good go, once again acting alongside nothing. Ben Schwartz is decent; his Sonic doesn’t quite have the attitude I would expect from such a 90’s character, but he’s charming and operates at a suitably high speed. Any comparisons to Reynolds Pikachu are needlessly harsh as they aren’t going for the same thing.

But if we’re digging in deep, it’s all about Carrey really isn’t it. A big old slice of prime mid 90’s Jim Carrey, gurning and strutting his way through everything and everyone. I wonder what kids now make of that kind of performance? For me, it was great piece of nostalgia, appropriately placed.

My kid knows who Sonic is. She knows he’s a blue hedgehog who goes fast. She watched Sonic the Hedgehog with me, and she told me she liked it. Who cares if a load of critics didn’t? Was it fun? Was it fast? Does the idea of a sequel excite me? Yes yes yes.

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