Thoughts On…Solo Cinema

This week I went to the cinema on my own for the first time.

A lot of you might not think this a big deal. For me however it was huge.

Despite despising how rude and inconsiderate many people are in cinemas nowadays I’ve always considered it a social experience. At first I went with my family. Then there was a good six or seven years of seeing a film every week with my best mate. Now I go with my wife or friends. It’s always been a case of watching films together and discussing it after.

I’m very guilty of judging everyone who walks into the screen after me.

  • Are they going to be loud? Please shut up before the film starts.
  • Ugh, they’ve sat down next to us. This whole screen and they can’t put a few seats between us!
  • Oh dear, look at that guy on his own.

So I’d always resisted the idea of going on my own. Until now. Jack Reacher wasn’t even a memorable film, but my wife was out for the evening and I knew I’d only end up wasting the evening not doing anything in particular. So I booked the ticket and went along.

I did feel a bit weird walking in on my own but it soon dawned on me that I was making a bigger deal out of it than anyone else. No one batted an eye lid. No one even looked my way.

It all passed by rather…normally. I didn’t suddenly smell or become some sort of outcast.

The only weirdness was going on in my own head.

I don’t think it will become a common occurrence as I’m naturally a very sociable chap. But now that I’ve done it once I’ll have no problem doing it again.


  1. I much prefer to go to the movies on my own. I don’t have to engage in meaningless chit-chat to pass the time, I can have some “me” time, and I don’t get the constant “what did he say?” from my friends who aren’t paying attention. Sure, going with the wife isn’t bad, but sometimes just sitting there by oneself is actually more enjoyable.

    • 99% of my cinema visits are with my wife. The others are with my brother. All people I can trust to enjoy the cinema with. I guess I’m lucky!

      The biggest takeaway is that I wouldn’t dismiss going on my own if it was an option.

  2. I actually do this quite a bit in recent years and I’ve become used to it. Since I go on my own I can ditch the car and challenge myself to cycle to the Odeon and have often done late night rides home (sometimes in freezing weather). I have one memory of cycling home through fog one late night and seeing a badger trundle across my path.

    At first it did feel a bit strange going on my own, there is a “Johnny Not Mates” feeling, but you’re walking into a huge dark cinema hall and normally everyone is absorbed in their own world to notice others.

    • Exactly! You shouldn’t be talking in the cinema anyway, so being on your own doesn’t make so much of a difference. It was mainly on my noggin. I would say that some viewings are better as shared experiences, such as a Star Wars or an Avengers. But most thing, we’d be fine on our own.

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