Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Review

I’m usually excited to get home and write a review upon leaving the cinema. Perhaps the fact that it’s taken me nearly a week to get to this tells you all you need to know.

Sin City 2 has a few things going for it, and they are Rourke, Gordon-Levitt and Boothe. Looking back it was only the scenes involving these three guys that really interested me. Marv is a simple but effective character, his attitude to violence and other people pleasingly straightforward. Gordon-Levitt’s Johnny slips seamlessly into the world of Sin City, his cockiness making him one of my favourite characters from either film. Then there is Boothe as the big bad Senator Roark. With important parts to play in more than one storyline he is delightfully evil, parading his power and using it to maximum effect. He’s a guy you love to hate.

Going in I thought that Eva Green would be a great addition. Sadly she came across as hammy and no amount of boob could make up for her clich√©-ridden character arc. In fact I was surprised just how often she was naked, and it became quite distracting for the wrong reasons.

It’s been 9 years and this sequel feels stagnant, showing us a lot of the same things with an internal chronology that left me scratching my head and reading Wikipedia afterwards to see what went where in relation to the first film. I love the visual style, but whereas the first film pulled off its cheesy dialogue with panache and felt new and exciting, A Dame to Kill For was barely worth visiting the cinema for.

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