Seven Psychopaths Review

Seven Psychopaths

Veering between dark comedy, bloody violence and absurdity Seven Psychopaths is a film that I can’t easily define.

The mainly male cast bear no responsibility; treating guns, language and each other with the immaturity that many of us would only bring out with their closest friends.Not for the feint of heart, with various ‘C’ and ‘N’ words throughout; Seven Psychopaths is still an amusing and occasionally thought provoking piece. The cast are given free reign to explore the quirks of their characters and all step up to the task.

Walken in particular makes an impression; so deadpan he’s almost horizontal. When faced with a shotgun and told to put em up, he simply responds with ‘no’, as though it is a ridiculous request.

Rockwell bounces between knowing it all and knowing nothing with enthusiasm whilst Farrell (and his eyebrows) takes a generally calmer role, providing a backdrop to the craziness around him.

It does however sag in the middle, giving both the characters and the audience time to think of other things.

Maybe it being so hard to nail down is what makes it just ‘good’. Maybe it’s flitting nature is what makes it what it is and we should just accept it. Either way, if you’re after a quirky character piece with a smattering of blood this could be just the ticket.

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