Thoughts On…Setting Expectations


There have always been people who have taken things too seriously.

Adults using ‘this isn’t what I think it should be’ as an excuse to hurl misogynistic, homophobic, racist, and generally abusive comments at people is repulsive. It’s the pinnacle of people thinking that because they love something, they somehow own it.

Gatekeeping an ownership is nonsense. Not liking or agreeing with something is fine, but using it as an excuse to be a moron is ridiculous.

I believe that some of this behaviour comes down to setting crazy expectations. I’ve spent time looking at my own and arrived at some conclusions.

So in terms of films (though this could be applied to most media). keeping a few key things in mind can allow you to go into the cinema in a much more peaceful state of mind. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the movie more :-

  1. Can a film produced now, possibly compare to something made when you were 8? Years of nostalgia and multiple views will trounce something you saw this week 99% of the time. Expecting something to match or exceed an original is setting yourself up for disappointment. Enjoy films for what they are and who you are now.
  2. You don’t know best. I’m sure you’ve given plenty of thought to ‘what’s next’ as soon as the lights came on at the end of the last film. We all do it. But I’ll wager the screenwriters have been thinking about it more. Whatever you’ve decided is the right way forward isn’t necessarily what the Writer and Director think. There are likely very good reasons why your personal head canon hasn’t become reality.
  3. From The Godfather to Not Another Teen Movie, everything has its place, and that means not everything has to be a masterpiece. It can be mindless, or simple, or heavy, or countless other things. Being somewhat aware of the aim of the film will go a long way.
  4. Are you the only audience? Films are a business, and many are made to cover multiple demographics. Especially blockbusters. You are not the sole market for a film. It’s only fair to expect a film that appealed to kids and adults when you were a kid to have a sequel that does the same thing. That you’re now the adult and you’ve changed isn’t the film’s fault!

Just keep it in mind.

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