Rush Review

Tricky things, films based on real life events. Are you documenting real life or are you dramatising it? Having proven himself more than capable with Apollo 13, Ron Howard once again treads the fine line between the two to good effect.

Though Hemsworth may be at the front on the posters (using his pull as Thor), this is Brühl’s film. The script centres on him, and he runs with it. Scenes of him ripping apart new team-mates and cars were high points.

Some extra time spent looking at the pair before their racing days may have given a more well-rounded view, and the women – bar the excellent Alexandra Maria Lara as Lauda’s wife – barely get a look in. But the film manages to portray a strong sense of who they both are, and how they spurred each other on. This is nitpicking ultimately, with both leads charming and troubled in their respective ways.

The races themselves mix new and old footage to great effect, with the noise of the cars standing out in particular. If you’re an old F1 nut you might notice some inaccuracies, but the fateful crash that severely scarred Lauda is dealt with tastefully. His recovery is agonisingly hard, and fills me with nothing but respect.Rush is an entertaining film, with some well placed humour and a respectful yet no doubt slightly ‘Hollywood’ take on the relationship between two very different men. Personally I’d have liked a bit more, both in terms of car talk and looking at what makes them tick. But it’s well worth a cinema trip for the strong cast and race presentation.

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