Rock of Ages Review

For enjoying the experience, musicals don’t come naturally to me. It always takes some time to get into the swing of so much singing. Rocky Horror and Grease, though both awesome took time to sink in.

Rock of Ages suffers from this too, and though it doesn’t hit the heights of the aforementioned films it is entertaining and not a bad way to spend a Friday evening.

The story is extremely standard. Girl leaves home to follow her dream. Crossed various peoples paths. It all goes wrong and then it all ends well. That’s all you need to know about that.

Rock of Ages has quite the ensemble cast and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Say what you like about Tom Cruise, but he does a great job here. He has a surprisingly good voice, and carries off the drugged swagger of Stacie Jaxx really well. Plus he has a baboon called Hey Man.

The young leads are suitably talented good looking but overall bland. Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand form an amusing double act that is entertaining enough to gloss over Brand’s constantly shifting accent (pick one and stick with it!).

There is a good selection of 80’s rock and it is good for a sing-along, though Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ has been done to death. A crowd pleaser and fits the story but I wonder if they could have used something else.

Good for a night in with the other half, Rock of Ages is fun but forgettable.

Do stick through the credits though. Cruise does a decent cover of a Gun N’ Roses track!

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