Super Duper Game – RoboCop Versus The Terminator

Robocop Versus The Terminator

Anyone of a certain age will understand the pure excitement at visiting a rental shop on a Friday. The possibilities seemed endless as you scoured the shelves for a film or game. Who knew what you might go home with!

Well, if you were in our household back in the early to mid nineties you could have put money on that rented video game being Robocop Versus The Terminator. Perhaps our parents should have just purchased the game? Then again, perhaps they should have questioned the age rating and the content of the game, but that didn’t happen either!

It must have been one of the most violent games of the generation, as this mashup of the two franchises turns countless enemies into piles of mush, just like poor Emil. There was this lovely little ‘blllllaaahhh’ noise as they dissolved too.

Not only is it gruesome in a way few other 16-Bit games were, it’s also rock solid (I’ve not beaten it yet), but in the early levels at least it makes you really feel like Robocop, attacking with precision and fearlessness.

Just don’t accidentally pick up the wrong gun when you’ve already got two you like. The laser guns are powerful but it’s the flamethrower and ED-209 arm that clinch it for me.

Now if I only I could beat that huge Terminator head. Yes that is a thing.

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