Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Review

Away from the terrible Anderson films, Resident Evil has more quietly been cracking on with another series of films. Degeneration, Damnation, and Vendetta all fit into the canon of the games. Alas, they may contain canonically correct versions of the characters, but I’ve always thought them rather iffy in quality.

Each of the three films heavily feature RE2’s Leon Kennedy. Though he always appears alongside other Raccoon City survivors, such as Chris and Claire Redfield, there’s a clear focus on him. They all feature some at times decent action with very stilted acting and dialogue. So you could say they fit in very well with the games! Especially 1 through 6.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness takes the same CGI approach as those films, but this time comes packaged as a Netflix TV series. Based on what we’ve seen though, I’m not sure why it wasn’t just a fourth film. It’s the same level of quality – read poor – just split into four parts. It’s trying to be political, but it’s just convoluted and nonsensey.

Claire Redfield is pretty much sidelined until she needs help, whilst the villains spout more clichés than Barry Burton does Dad jokes. You can see from a mile away who is going to do what. New characters aren’t here to make a statement, they just move the plot forward. No one’s going to breaking out into other stories here.

I watched all four in one night, not because I was getting into it, but rather it’s RE, I wanted to be aware, and then I wanted it done. It’s so slavish to the formula; there’s a mystery, which quickly devolves into bad people wanting to prove something, and one of them mutates. Shock.

There’s a new TV series and a new film on the way. Both live action. I hope they do something different. Because at this point, anything linked to the first six games seems stale as hell. If you like the first three CGI films, you’re in luck! But it’s the same thing again, for the fourth time. That’s a shame.

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