Predators Review

It can be a real pain in the backside when you’ve had an early evening nap and find yourself wide awake far too late. Fortunately, my last sojourn into the early morning led to me re-watching Predators. Importantly, this is the first time seeing it since I came into contact with the train-wreck that was The Predator.

The first film is an all-time classic, whilst the sequel approaches things suitably differently and remains strong. We know that the fourth film is atrocious, and I’ll be honest, AvP didn’t even come into my first draft of this paragraph.

In many ways it’s a hybrid of the first two films, taking the setting of the first whilst further exploring Predator culture like the second. The soundtrack harks back nicely, with a special treat in the credits too, but otherwise Predators tries to move things on. There’s more world-building here, mainly due to it not being set on ours.

It’s a broad but shallow cast, with a nice diversity. Sure there are stereotypes aplenty, but how else are we going to give most of the time to Adrien Brody? For someone who I’d usually associate with more high brow material, Brody attacks the role. He’s not Arnie, but he’s not trying to be, taking more than a glance at the build of real special forces. Wiry strength and endurance is order of the day, and he carries both in spades. I’d love to see him back in the series.

The pace drops in the middle when we meet a somewhat native Laurence Fishburne, but it does plenty right. The ‘OG Predator’ looks fantastic, whilst this film makes far better use of a bigger Predator than it’s sequel. There are some fantastic shots too; one wide shot in long grass, both characters in moonlight, is particularly memorable.

The original is such a big film that it tends to overshadow the rest. But Predator 2 is a strong film, and Predators follows suit with a very solid entry.

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