Mr. Right Review

I shouldn’t like this film.

The music is obnoxious and reminds me of NOW TV commercials. The story isn’t clear as details are skimmed over and you can feel it trying to be quirky.

Due to a surprisingly impressive cast however I did like it, in a very superficial way at least.

Sam Rockwell has been a favourite of mine for a long time. His easy going charm is infectious, helping me gloss over my concerns. Despite the age gap he shares a good bit of chemistry with Kendrick, who was made for quirky.

It tries to be a lot of things. As a Rom-Com it’s average. As an action film it’s OK. It also looks at what can make you question the direction your life is heading in and how you might fight to change it. That gives it a little spin that helps save it from mediocrity.

Despite myself I enjoyed it. It moves along at a brisk enough pace that you don’t think about things for them long enough to bother you.

Just roll with it.

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