Tomb Raider Review

Lara Croft pre Tomb Raider

The majority of films based on video games are terrible. The glaring exception is Mortal Kombat, with it’s soundtrack, skilled cast, and general awesomeness uppercutting any negativity. Tomb Raider doesn’t hit those heady heights, but with a strong central performance and a steady story it’s safely second place.

Her determination and bravery feel real as she’s constantly tested by a male-dominated cast

The rebooted series of games has given the film a good set of ideas to pull from whilst drastically changing the tone from earlier outings. Alicia Vikander is pitch perfect as the newer style Lara. No longer the overly endowed pinup of the past, she’s a much more grounded character who can take a beating. Lara’s determination and bravery feel real as she’s tested by a male-dominated cast that doesn’t treat her as anything less than a threat. 

For a film that is all about adventure, it’s actually very safe. No big surprises as the hurdles are cleared to set up a franchise. Hopefully a sequel can challenge Lara more and showcase more of her intellect and strength. 

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