Klaus Review


When it comes round to December, there are small number of films that the Cooper family watches. The Muppet Christmas Carol. A Nightmare Before Christmas. Die Hard (commence heated discussions with my wife on it’s validity). Klaus can go on that list.

Touching on a host of subjects, from breaking down boundaries, to personal growth, to not giving up on your dream, it’s a stunning tale.

Perhaps in the future I’ll write more about it, but there’s a whole lot of magic in Klaus. It starts with the animation, which believe it or not is 2D. At first I couldn’t place it, but it’s the lightning, and the lack of outlines that makes it so unique. A lot of thought has been put into how classic 2D animation could be moved forward. Alongside a well chosen colour palette, this film is beautiful.

But it wouldn’t mean much were it not for a fantastic cast delivering on a supremely well-written script. Most stories could take one topic to centre their story on, such as someone learning that it isn’t all about them. Klaus makes that just part of several threads. All are handled deftly.

I won’t deny I got emotional at the end. There’s a mixture of realistic beginnings and a touch of magic that makes Klaus a Christmas film I’m sure we’ll be seeing again.

To think we stumbled across this. I implore you, give this film a try. It will enrich your eyes and warm your heart.

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