Jurassic World Review

When I look back at Jurassic Park I can see how it was a perfect storm. I was 8, had an enormous appetite for dinosaur, and it was mind-blowing. Man tried to control the uncontrollable, life found a way, and Muldoon found out how clever a Raptor really was.

Watching Jurassic World in the cinema, this now 30 year old felt 8 again.

Since that time I’ve seen many a summer blockbuster, and in this age of comic book films dominating the screens I’ll admit I’ve become somewhat desensitized to action and bombast. I’ve wondered if that feeling of amazement could ever be recaptured.

Watching Jurassic World answered that question for me. Yes it can. I even cried a little! But though the film provided an amazing cinematic experience which I value highly, I’m not blind to it’s problems.

Director Colin Trevorrow has stood on the shoulders of geniuses to create this updated world, and is partially successful of being aware what could go wrong. He’s fully capable of making some fantastic scenes, but whilst JW is a solid reintroduction to the the world of recreated Dinos, it’s not all oooo and ahhhhs.

Chris Pratt avoids becoming ‘Dinosaur Starlord’ as he becomes the coolest guy any teenage boy have ever met – “Who’s the Alpha?”, “You’re looking at him kid”. Dallas Howard’s Claire makes the biggest transformation through the story and is unarguably just as much a hero, though her shoes are ridiculous! Her nephews however don’t add a tonne to proceedings and can be pretty cringey; I’ve not been a teenager for a while but creepily starting at girls isn’t the way to get their interest. Elsewhere the cast is decent, and do a good job with the little they’re given.

A smooth blend of CGI and practical effects negated any need to look for the seams. An Apatosaurus is a particularly touching use of animatronics. I could talk about which dinosaur species appear and how they interact for hours. Ankylosaurus. Ultimately I did get to see a baby Triceratops so I’m very happy.

Then there’s the Raptors. If you can’t get on board with them you’re going to struggle with it all moving forward. It’s one of the points where the film builds on what came before and is fundamental to both this film and I think what will follow, due to the possibilities it opens up.

The new dino – the Indominus Rex – is a tragic creature; without a parental figure it has no idea what’s going on. When it comes to the conclusion, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for it.

You’d have more luck finding a real live dinosaur than getting a film that topped Jurassic Park. Jurassic World takes a lot from that film. Possibly too much. But I didn’t leave the cinema deflated.

After some consideration, and despite being aware it’s not perfect, I’ve decided I can endorse this park. Every time it comes on TV I watch it. Jurassic World is an entertaining and easy watch. Plus you know, Margarita Guy!

Ner ner ner ner ner, ner ner ner ner ner, ner ner ner ner, ner ner neeeerrrrr.

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