Jurassic Park in Concert

Jurassic Park in Concert

Jurassic Park is an amazing film. It’s wonder and danger has wowed me since I was eight years old, and it still holds that power. A birthday present from my Wife presented a new opportunity; to see it again but this time with a full orchestra providing a live soundtrack.

I’ve seen this experience advertised for other films and I’d heard good things. But could it really add much to the overall experience?

Yes it really can! As John William’s score swelled so did my heart, the music bolstering my usual feeling of awe.

The audience, filled with a pleasing range of ages, felt the same as you could feel an urge to applaud mixed with an uncertainty of the etiquette. Personally my attention flitted between the screen and the orchestra, so I’m glad it’s something I’ve seen a lot. The intermission was a welcome addition, and the orchestra played through the entire credits! I closed my eyes and let the sound roll over me. Jurassic Park has always been special, but this elevated it even further.

We all know the strengths of the film – how it’s cautionary tale of man’s hubris and the idea of control can still entertain adults and children. But this time felt fresh, as though the music and the big screen came together to show the film in a new light. As an adult I appreciate the many layers this film has. Ian Malcolm is not only surprisingly hunky, but also completely right in his appraisal of the park and how deluded everyone is. Gennaro’s mention of a ‘coupon day or something’ makes me want to punch him in the face. Hammond is no Saint either, his “spared no expense” mantra feeling increasingly hollow. 

Like the characters, my initial awe of what has been created morphs into the horrifying realisation that Malcolm was right. Life does indeed, uh, find a way. 

The more I think about it, this is one of the best Birthday presents I’ve ever received; a wonderful experience that has also strengthened the love I have for this film. If you love a film and you can experience it in this fashion, then I wholeheartedly recommend you make the effort.

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