Jolt Review

There are so many puns to make here.

Beckinsale is full of energy but can’t supply a lacklustre script with enough voltage.

Jolt lacks spark.

Etc etc.

Both are true though!

I swear everything took place on about three sets. I do like that Beckinsale is unapologetically English in it, even swearing in a somewhat heartwarming way. She’s not the problem here, slightly iffy wig aside.

The problems are nothing being a surprise at all, and the fights are edited far too choppily. The line between hiding the stunt actors and showing the hits is always tight and this falls the wrong side.

Jolt is well intentioned but doesn’t really go anywhere. A harmless ninety minutes.

No worry of being electrocuted here.

The script needed more power!

I couldn’t help it.

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