Jason Bourne Review

In a great trilogy of films Jason Bourne found out who he was. Wasn’t that enough?

The latest ‘Bourne’ film includes the return of the franchise’s main protagonist in Matt Damon, as well as the Director of Supremacy and Ultimatum Paul Greengrass. But come on guys, what was the point?

It’s a well made film if you can put up with the shaky camera, full of the pensive looks and hushed conversations the series is known for. The fight scenes include Bourne’s proclivity for using anything that will come to hand and are fittingly brutal as Cassel proves a worthy counterpoint.

The problem is how much more backstory has had to be tacked on to make the film worthwhile. Important aspects of it have never come up before. It reminds me a lot of Arkham Knight, which sought to add in new parts of the past whilst simultaneously attempting to keep some sort of mystery going. It doesn’t work because you know it’s all being introduced for that very reason.

I have visions of more entries including evermore ridiculous mysteries. Did he have pets? What is he allergic to? He needs to know goddammit!

Damon can tell you a lot with a look as he’s a great actor but it would have been nice to hear him speak a bit more.

A decent enough film in a vacuum but the weakest entry including the series namesake.

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