Interstellar Review

Christopher Nolan once again presents a high level idea to the masses in a way that wows yet remains digestible. Mind blowing both mentally and at times physically.

Despite my love for the Dark Knight Trilogy I kept my distance from Interstellar, wary of getting too caught up in the hype. In the end all I had to go on was the first trailer (which showed nothing) and ‘Directed by Christopher Nolan’. I’m so glad I did, as the clean slate I went in with allowed for multiple surprises that left an impression on me not only as I left the cinema but still now, the day after.

Nolan once again manages to fill his cast with amazing talent, no doubt helped by the pull of his previous work. Quite rightly everyone wants to star in his films, and they all deliver, however small the role.

I’m fearful of spoilers so I won’t go too far, but know this…..The McConaissance continues! I don’t know if he’s picking his own roles now or someone is helping, but he deserves tremendous kudos for everything he touches at the moment. To think 6 years ago I saw him in the risible Fool’s Gold. If you’ve read my reviews for Mud or Dallas Buyers Club you’ll know what I think of the man, and he’s just as good here.

Visually this is the most amazing film I’ve seen this year, it’s depictions of space and time built upon theoretical physicist Kip Thorne’s work (he also served as an Executive Producer). Despite the big concepts flying around throughout, the solitude and power of space juxtaposes so well with the strength and futility of the Human Race that I was caught up in for the entirety of its near 3 hour run time.

Take note, if you have sensitive hearing you may want to cover your ears. At times I felt the same bassy tremble in my chest I’d feel at rock gigs.

I was concerned that a lot would go over my head, not having a masters in physics and all. But I followed the story pretty well, and even managed to figure out a couple of things before they were revealed (a rare moment for me). This is a film that treats you like an adult and allows you to pick up aspects that aren’t spelled out. For that it has my praise.

Ignoring the Batman films and my lifelong attachment to that character, this is the most emotional film Nolan has created. Despite his technical genius his previous films have sometimes felt cold to me. Here however we go through the full gamut of human emotion, leaving me laughing one moment and on the verge of tears the next.

Inception used our own minds to show us more about ourselves. Interstellar uses time and space. This is a personal story told on the biggest scale there is. It makes Gravity look basic.

I want to talk to you more about Interstellar. But I won’t tarnish that clean slate. Nolan has held back so much, and rightly so. You’ll just have to go see it so I can.

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