Imperium Review

Quick note – This is the 100th film I’ve watched this year!

Daniel Radcliffe as a white supremacist is not something I thought I’d ever see. Fair play to the guy; he’s choosing interesting roles that I have no doubt will over time dull the thought of him merely being Harry Potter.

What is helping even more is the quality of the job he’s doing. I soon forgot that I was watching a former English wizard. Radcliffe’s accent is solid and he even manages to look threatening and intense. There are several moments in the film where the jig might be up and Radcliffe’s face says it all. To those around him he’s generally collected but we can see the tension as his mind whirs to keep his ruse intact.

Scenes between him and Toni Collette as his FBI handler are strong but it’s the suburban normalcy of his moments with Sam Tremell’s that really scared me. Whole families raised with very little to raise suspicion; the matter of factness with which they discuss everything wrong with the world is far scarier than the flag waving skinheads.

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