Honeymoon Viewing

My wife (!) and I had a marvellously awesome and astounding wedding day and honeymoon. Thanks for asking 😉
Turns out our hotel room at the resort had a lot of TV channels, so when we weren’t jet skiing, sitting at the bar that is IN THE POOL or swimming, we sat in our room and watched films.

I just can’t pull myself away from giving my opinion on such things, so here we are with a very brief review of all the films I hadn’t seen. There were several more, such as Rock of Ages and Ice Age 3, that we had seen before.

Life Happens – Watched it because there was nothing else on, though did sit through it all. Young mum juggling kooky friends, men and her parental responsibilities. By the numbers and very average.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World – Plenty of ‘feels’ here. Carrell and Knightley are well matched as they find each other just before the world ends. Both touching and funny.

The Croods – If you like Madagascar and Ice Age this ones for you. Nothing special, but entertaining enough. The sloth is amusing though.

Frankenstein – Differences from the source material aside this was surprisingly good. I was surprised by De Niro, then remembered this was pre-Fockers. Branagh shapes up well!

The Mist – A harsh Stephen King adaptation that uses half the cast of The Walking Dead. Darabont must have brought them all over into the world of walkers. Thomas Jane cannot cry for toffee.

A Thousand Words – Eddie Murphy gurns his way through this cautionary tale. Cliff Curtis is terrible. I’m not sure what he was thinking. When you think of Murphy what do you think of? I think of his motor mouth. Take that away and what do you have? Exactly.

The Frighteners – Michael J. Fox in a CGI heavy tale. Like the many ghosts, visually impressive, but didn’t touch me.  Good to see Fox not being a good-two-shoes. But then again I’ve only seen him in BTTF and Scrubs.

The Philly Kid – Not your typical ‘kid from the streets makes it big’ story, but still barely above made for TV. The fights are well choreographed.

The Box – What starts off as a compelling premise soon goes off on a very weird tangent and loses its way.

Emerald Knights – A cool anthology with Nathan Fillion lending his voice to Hal Jordan. Delving into some of the more obscure Lanterns this is an action filled and nicely animated feature.

Flashpoint Paradox – The Flash is our main man for this DC animated feature as he races around to fix an alternate dimension. Plus….Batman with a gun! Not on the level of Knights but still a decent watch. At least DC can crank out animated films to a good standard.

OZ the Great and Powerful – Light, fluffy and meh. Kunis is miscast though Braff is funny as the monkey. Laura informs me that Wicked takes a different approach that she feels is much stronger.

Paranorman – Far creepier than I thought it would be, and with a surprisingly different story to what we expected. Ghoulishly good.

Planet 51 – It’s not Pixar but with a Xenomorph pet and a lovable yet arrogant performance by Dwayne Johnson this was far better than I thought it would be when I saw the trailer a few years ago. Give it a try.

From Paris with Love – Now I know how Travolta put weight on. It was from all the scenery he chewed making this film. He does do it well though in his role as a super spy. Good chemistry with Rhys Meyers and some exciting action scenes save this from being straight to DVD fodder.

The Hole – This makes Goosebumps look like Bambi. A bloody creepy kids horror film. I wouldn’t let youngsters watch this so I’m not sure what it was aiming for. Can only guess teenagers, who may want gore by that point.

Plus of course we managed to find and fit in The Dark Knight Rises 🙂

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