Ghost Rider Review

With a set of performances that veer from manic to pathetic to bored, Ghost Rider is a noisy mess that tries to fool you into thinking it’s doing a lot when really it barely hangs together as an idea. 

Oddly, I don’t mind the Ghost Rider himself. He’s a very binary guy; you’re innocent or you’re guilty. However even he does a lot of nonsensical shit, like drive up a building just to scare a helicopter pilot. His flame changing colour depending on who he’s dealing with is quite nifty I guess.

It’s all rather unconvincing; for instance Blaze seems to be able to control his powers awfully quickly. A generally weak approach to storytelling and characterisation culminates with Wes Bentley’s charisma free villain. What was he attempting to channel? A wall? A tin of paint? I’d say something inanimate but his face is attempting…something. Also, what a dumb character. The Rider can’t hurt you as you don’t have a soul. So what do you do? Take on board thousands of them and completely undermine yourself. Prat.

It’s tough to comprehend that this film came out only a year before The Dark Knight and Iron Man. The gulf in quality is stupendous.

Shock horror, Ghost Rider is not a good film. But I didn’t find it offensively bad. There are even a couple of small nuggets I don’t mind. But it’s quite something when the most convincing thing in the film is Nicholas Cage’s wig.

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