Fast and Furious 9 Review

I’ve reviewed six films in this series now. In two of them I’ve mentioned how Dom and Co aren’t leaving themselves much to do bar go into space.


I love a good “brah”, and I’ve really enjoyed Fast and Furious’s progression from illegal street racing to physics bending spy and superhero craziness.

But regardless of what you call this one – pick a damn naming convention already! – it suffers from being so crazy that it’s actually rather boring. Never thought I’d find myself checking my watch in such a film. I was more surprised to find only fifty minutes had passed.

Bookended by reasonable action and peculiarly well made roads, the second drags badly, with character’s awareness of the situations they find themselves in not coming across as the clever self-referencing they think it is.

This is a weak entry, and I fear for the final two. The stunts can be mental, but there are zero stakes when no one can die and enemies are one choice away from redemption.

Looking back, the series peaked with 7. Maybe in years to come I’ll end up appreciating this one, like I came round to 2F2F. But I can’t help but think that when the series lost Brian, it also lost its heart.

Oh, and family. Or something.

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