Doctor Strange Review

For the first time I wasn’t filled with excitement going into a Marvel movie. This was due to a very specific fatigue.

Origin fatigue.

However, due to an extremely lean story bolstered by a series of amusing moments, fitting questions asked of the characters and some intensely trippy visuals, Doctor Strange not only managed to liven me up but also left me leaving the cinema knowing that Marvel can still pull things off when Cap and Iron Man aren’t around.

The aforementioned lean story verges on underdevelopment. I prefer to think of it as treating us with some respect. We can fill in things without having to be told. We’ve seen egotistical characters change before. It doesn’t need to be dragged out.

I had my concerns that Mikkleson would fall prey to the ‘Marvel villian that isn’t Loki’ curse. He isn’t a top tier bad guy but he isn’t meant to be. Instead he’s a catalyst for our understanding, for Strange’s transformation, and for some more unexpected character shifts.

A great looking film with humour and action in good measure, Doctor Strange also contains the coolest cape this side of Batman.

Fourteen films and still going strong.

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